Makeup Tips For Red Hair

Red Head Beauty Advice!

red hair

Red hair, of all shades, is one of the hottest colours around right now. Sexy, fun and a little ethereal it’s hard not to envy all your copper headed stunners out there!

When it comes to makeup to suit red hair, the first thing you must figure out is what type of red hair you hair – is it more of a copper with orange base notes? Is it RED red? Or does it have a slightly blue or violet tint underneath? Determining which category your red hair falls under is absolutely imperative to achieving makeup that makes you look fab, not drab. Because red hair is such a vibrant colour, it can be very easy to end up looking washed out or have mega clashing issues going on, so get yourself into a well lit room and take note of what sort of red head you are.

Once you worked that out, you’re all set to follow our top makeup tips for red hair!

red hair


Those of you with red hair are most likely pretty pale, right? So first things first, get a concealer and foundation that blend beautifully with your natural colouring – don’t go darker, even a little bit! Embrace your snow white skin and use a very light base just to even skin tone and cover and blue undertones (which are quite common around the eye area on red heads). If you have quite a bit of pink of blue undertone, opt for a product with a slightly yellow base, but still, as light as it can go! Tinted moisturizer looks much nicer than heavy foundation on pale skin and is also far more pleasant to wear during summer months anyway, so give it a shot. Finish with a dusting of ‘Un Powder’ By RMS Beauty to conceal imperfections and minimize pores.

For your cheeks, wear a sheer peach/coral blush right on the apples.


Red hair can often mean very pale lashes, so stock up on mascara. Thick, black lashes on a red head are totally show-stopping and will leave you looking gorgeous even if you forgo all other makeup. Wear alone, with an elegant cat-eye (eye liner right along the lashes with a flick), or even go a bit smoky. Metallic shadows also look great! Red hair also looks fabulous with brighter colours like green or purple, but if you’re going for this, skip the lip colour. Bare in mind that on very fair skin, colours and dark shades look brighter and more intense than when worn on warmer skin.

As with lashes, brows can also be barely there on red heads, so find a warm, brown pencil to fill those in – having a defined brow makes all the difference to a finished look.


Look to Christina Hendricks for fantastic red hair makeup inspiration – there’s no denying that she never fails to impress on the red carpet and that is largely down to her perfect pout.

Whilst a bright, poppy red never goes amiss when teamed with red hair, a plum or dark pink lip stain can make a refreshing change and is much better suited to day wear. Bloom lip shine by RMS beauty works an absolute treat with almost any red hair, but as mentioned above it must not clash with your under tone – choose a lip colour to match. Have a lip colour you love but find that it’s just a little too bright for you? Try applying it with a dampened cotton bud for a lighter version and seal with your favourite lip balm.