Makeup Tips For Blondes

Look your best…whatever hair colour you choose!

If you’re experimenting with a new hair colour this season, or you’re on a mission to make the most of what you’ve already got, one sure-fire way to bring out the true beauty of your chosen shade is to find makeup to match. It doesn’t matter if you go lighter, darker or stay the same, if you don’t get the makeup right for your hair colour you may find that you end up looking a little washed out, over done or just out of place.

Today we will be covering makeup for all you blonde bombshells out there, but check back for our blogs to come on makeup tips for brunettes, redheads, black hair and even for those of you gracefully going grey.

We’ve put together our top picks to make your eyes pop, your cheeks glow and leave you looking your absolute best…

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Makeup for Blondes


As you might imagine, blonde hair is best suited to those with a fair complexion and as such, blemishes tend to be more obvious with this hair colour than any other because red tones really stand out. Unless you have been blessed with perfect skin, you may want to choose a base with slightly more coverage than usual. Opt for neutral (beige) or yellow toned makeup rather than pink based to keep yourself looking healthy and natural. Make those cheeks radiant with a touch of rose hue to contrast with your foundation – very light blondes should go for a light pink and then edge down the colour scale the darker your hair goes. Make sure to blend very well and steer clear of orange hues.


Blonde is such a glamorous hair colour as it is, so there’s no need to over-do the eyes. Leave the bright colours to your darker haired counterparts and instead opt for beige, ashy greys, gold and brown, particularly if you have beautiful baby blues! A carefully drawn on flick of liquid liner along your top lashes looks great too. Finish with brown mascara for day wear and black to really wow in the evening.

Don’t forget your eyebrows! So many people do, but to look your best a perfect brow really is a must as they really will frame your face magnificently. Choose a pencil just a little darker than your natural brow colour and shade delicately, building up gradually so that you don’t make them too dark.


I know it’s in fashion right now, but if you’re wearing your hair colour light, stay away from the nude lipsticks! Instead, match with your cheeks and go for rose pink tones or bring out your inner siren with a bright red shade – just remember to always line your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly for the best pout possible. Brown shades can also looks great on blondes, but be warned, it can end up looking pretty 90s..but if that’s your bag, go for it!

Check back later in the week for our blog on perfect makeup tips for brunettes…