Makeup Tips: Brunette

Beautiful Makeup for Brunette Beauties

Brunette beauties are the most versatile of the lot when it comes to great makeup looks, so why not have some fun with it? Enjoy a relaxed ‘girl next door’ style with glowing skin and deep but natural eyes, go for gold for instant glam or brighten things up a bit with with colours to make your features pop!

Unlike other hair colours, going (or staying) brunette frees you up to try a variety of shades in lip and eye colour, because clashing rarely presents a problem and brunette hair looks so sophisticated as it is that you don’t need to worry too much about over doing it when you’re feeling playful.

Follow our top makeup tips for the perfect skin, eyes and lips to compliment brunette hair…


Makeup Tips: Brunette


It’s all about getting a lovely, even skin-tone for brunettes, in a shade that makes your skin look healthy and bright. Go for a neutral base colour to begin with and then slowly build up with a light bronzer or warm pink blush  – be careful not to put too much on, keep it looking natural, but you can afford to wear enough to give you a slight flush which looks pretty darn cute! Try our strobing techniques to bring out your beautiful bone structure and add a gorgeous glow. No sallow skin around here!


There are so many choices for creating great eyes to go with brunette hair, but what it always comes down to is your actual eye colour. If you’ve got a set of baby blues under your brown locks, try experimenting with purple shades right up and down the spectrum – play around with more subtle, grey based tones all the way to a bright purple liner! This may sound a little unusual, but your eyes will look amazing – just try it.

Brown eyes matched with brown hair is such a classically beautiful look and this will look even more stunning with just a hint of gold on otherwise quite neutral shadows. Invest in a luminous gold eye liner or eye shadow, you will not regret it! Cover your lid with a beige base, contour with darker browns and greys; line with a black liquid liner as close to your lashes as possible, just to make your lashes look lush, and then add a flick of gold at the outer of inner corner, depending on your preference. Finish with copious amount of volumizing mascara.


Red! Do it. We just can’t get enough of glossy brunette tresses teamed with a bright red lip – it looks totally fab. Look for a shade with an orange base though, not blue as this won’t compliment your colouring. Wear with natural eyes (just a matte base and a slick of mascara will do) or vamp it up for the evening with the eye makeup suggestion above.

If you’re going for more colourful eyes though, don’t clash with your lips, try brown tones or a shade just a little brighter or darker than your natural lip colour. Line with a lip pencil that matches perfectly for the ideal pouty shape with no colour bleed.

Are you a firey red-head? Well you’re in luck, makeup tips for copper tones is up next…