We’re all familiar with Valentine’s Day being a time to express love and gratitude towards your partner in crime, but why not take some time out this year to practice a bit of self-love instead?

Loving yourself is one of the major steps towards living a life that truly makes you happy, yet sadly, it’s incredibly common for us to find that treating ourselves with love, respect and kindness is much more of a challenge than doing the same for others.

We keep our products 100% natural and organic out of respect and love for your health and wellbeing, but don’t stop at cleaning up your beauty routine – extend this care into all areas of your life.

Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show some real appreciation for yourself; indulge, by basking in the wonder that is you and remind yourself of your true value.

Forget the Hallmark cards and romance and instead, go for true love. Try to include at least one of these ideas on Valentine’s Day to celebrate lovely you!

valentine's day

Eat Well

Nourishing your body is a great way to show yourself care and love, so spend Valentine’s Day eating really well. Choose foods that you love to munch on but that are also healthy, so they make you feel good inside. Eating clean is a fantastic way to boost your energy and self-esteem, but that being said, if you fancy treating yourself to your favourite ‘sinful’ food, go for it! Think of this as feeding your soul, just as much as feeding your stomach.


We live in a very fast-paced world and it can be tough to find a moment to ourselves. Make space for your own thoughts and relaxation this Valentine’s Day by taking some time out. Chill out in a hot bath with candles and all your favourite products, go for a walk surrounded by nature or take yourself out on a date for some dedicated ‘me time’.

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Treat Yourself

It’s OK to spoil yourself – you deserve it! Consider this our permission for you to buy yourself something lovely or to indulge in something that you rarely allow, whether that’s a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up for months or our luxurious ‘Get Started’ kit, to introduce yourself to our organic haircare range.

Say Yes

Learn to love yourself by embracing the moment this Valentine’s Day! Open up your world by starting to say ‘yes’ more and accepting change in your life. Be willing to try new things and allow yourself the freedom to do the things you want to do – within reason!

Be Positive

Real self-love comes from within. It’s all very well and good, looking after yourself on the outside, but if you’re not taking care of your inner thoughts and feelings it won’t do much good.

Write yourself some personal, positive affirmations that really resonate with you and the place you are in. Push out any negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself and replace them with your new, loving mantras.

Say No

Just as it’s a great thing to say yes to open up new avenues of life, it’s also important to be able to say no when something isn’t right for you. Many of us are so eager to please that often we push our own wants and needs aside, so take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to start drawing lines where you need to, for your own wellbeing.

Enjoy Beauty

Step away from the computer screen, switch off your phone and surround yourself with beauty for a while. That might be something as small as tidying up the house and dotting some air purifying houseplants around, or perhaps there’s a special place that you love to go and just be. Whatever it is that you find beautiful, go there and be with it.

Do Something Fun

You don’t need an excuse to have fun, but often fun does fall by the wayside to be replaced by more sensible activities. But remember – fun is not a luxury, it is essential! You can’t be happy without it, so make sure you’re getting as much as you need. Schedule something in for Valentine’s Day that is pure, unadulterated fun for no reason other than because you want to!