Introducing Scentered – Made in England

Restoring Lifestyle Balance Naturally

Introducing Scentered, Restoring Lifestyle Balance Naturally

Scentered recognises the very unique and varied pressures on women today, and the daily balancing acts that so many face. Stress levels are at their peak, and time-poor women are juggling an ever-growing number of roles. Through the introduction of the Stop. Inhale. Reset. ritual at the heart of the brand, Scentered allows you to take a moment for yourself, reset your mood and transform the way you feel, breathing renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle.

The brand is divided into five wellbeing categories, each with a combination of active ingredients specifically selected to target a variety of lifestyle concerns, from lack of focus to fatigue. The products can be used individually to target a specific need, or all together to form a personal mood and lifestyle support ‘tool kit’.

All products are proudly made in England.

Scentered Escape Balm in Tin

Available Now at Tabitha James Kraan

Equally as important as the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils used in the Scentered products is the simple ritual at the heart of the brand, encouraging us to stop and take a moment for ourselves, allowing us to breathe renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle.

All 5 therapy balms are available to try in the Tabitha James Kraan Salon in Stow on the Wold.
Alternatively you can purchase them through our online store.

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