In-flight Beauty Kit

Hair & Skin Essentials For Jet Setters


Heading off somewhere hot for the end of summer? Then you’ll want to make the most of your carry-on. Anyone who has experienced plane travel before will know that having a great in-flight beauty kit can make all the difference between a hot, sticky, and all-round unpleasant way to get about and an easy, enjoyable experience, so now is the time to start getting it ready.

Here are our top 3 picks for the perfect in-flight beauty kit:

Protect Hydrating Moisturiser

“The air on a plane has less humidity for various technical reasons; it’s at about 10 or 20 percent as opposed to the normal 40 percent you’re used to,” explains Chris Pardee, manager of Health Intelligence at iJet International, a travel risk management company.

Breathing this plane air in vastly pulls moisture from your body, which in turn leads to your skin, eyes, nose, and mouth becoming very dry. Having something to help you deal with this problem is the best way to enjoy a comfortable flight, and this excellent, ‘Protect Hydrating’ moisturiser by Nourish is the ideal solution (aside from drinking LOTS of water, which you should also do!). Many people like to opt for a spray toner on a flight as a quick hydrate and refresh, but unfortunately, as the air is so dry it will take all the moisture it can get – and that includes your product mist before it even hits the skin. Having a cream that you can apply directly will save you spraying your money away.

Jane Scrivner Lip Balm

For the same technical reasons as above, your lips will get pretty dry in-flight, but this luscious 100% natural lip balm by Jane Scrivner will help to keep your pout well hydrated for your journey.

The night before you’re due to head off the the airport, give your lips a very light brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any dry skin that is already there. Use a generous amount of this lip balm overnight to prep your lips for the following day. This will leave your lips really recipient to moisture during your flight.

Organic Dry Shampoo for Fair/Dark Hair

Give your hair a deep condition at some point in the week running up to your departure, and use our 4-in-1 citrus conditioner as a leave in before heading off to keep your hair happy throughout the flight. Upon arrival at your destination, or maybe even when you wake up from your mid-flight snooze after eating, pop to the bathroom and give your locks a freshen up with our beautifully fragrant Dry Shampoo. This will instantly revive your style, giving you a great little pick-me-up; soak up any greasiness and leave you with the stunning, lingering scent of roses, ready to hit the beach/restaurants/shops as soon as you get there.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Dry Shampoo for Darker Hair