How To Use Dry Shampoo For Amazing Results

Achieve your dream hair with this Tabitha James Kraan Organics award winning product!

As you may have already heard, this has already been an incredibly exciting year for Tabitha James Kraan Organics ever since our 100% natural, Organic Dry Shampoo was announced as the WINNER of the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015!

“Dry Shampoo? But isn’t that really bad for you?” I hear some of our more die-hard natural product users say. No, not ours! Unlike most dry shampoos that you will find available, our product is formulated using 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients specifically designed to maintain a perfect blow-out whilst keeping your hair and scalp happy, healthy and soothed. There is good reason why our product has been nominated as the very best you can get! Whilst many high-street brands of Dry Shampoo use synthetic, harmful ingredients which not only dry your hair and make it extremely lacklustre but are also rumoured to result in hair loss/thinning over time, our product does quite the opposite! But don’t take my word for it, why not give it a try?

For best results, here’s how:

Winner of the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015
  • Less Is More

    As with regular hair washing, it is always best to concentrate on the oily roots rather than the drier ends of your hair. Our Dry Shampoo is incredibly effective – a light dusting underneath your hair works absolute wonders for bringing limp hair back to life with an injection of kick-ass volume! You can always build up as needed or top up throughout the day, so avoid adding too much weight to the hair and keep it minimal. Not only does this work brilliantly but it also means that your new favourite product lasts longer!

  • Great For Fringe Touch Ups

    If you’re familiar with the perils of your fringe getting greasy well ahead of the rest of your tresses, then Dry Shampoo is a must have for your beauty bag. You probably don’t want to wash your hair every day (in fact, you’re not supposed to – even 3 times per week is on the high end of the scale), so freshen up your fringe by applying a small amount of our Dry Shampoo, letting it sit to absorb the oil for a couple of minutes and then re-style with your hair-drier. Perfect every time.

  • Don’t Skip Washing Altogether

    Even though Tabitha James Kraan Organic Dry Shampoo is suitable for use most of the time, do still get a watery hair wash in now and again to avoid any build up and keep the results looking great. Our Dry Shampoo is a superb training tool for your hair if you’re trying to wean it off daily washes without having to undergo a single bad hair day, so if you can manage with one wash a week then fab! The less you feel the need to strip your hair of it’s natural oils the better, but do refresh once in a while.

  • Perfect For Styling

    Dry Shampoo isn’t only designed for oily touch ups – it’s also a fabulous styling product! If you’re getting creative with your ‘do and want to add a little extra volume and hold in a single step, then this is for you. Apply at the roots as usual and then style with a blow dry for mega lift or curl into beachy waves with amazing texture. Have fun with it and experiment – there’s so much it can do! A perfect product for all hair types, but those of you with thin – medium density locks will notice a huge difference.

Our Organic Dry Shampoo is availble in two versions

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Are you a fan of our eco-luxe brand? Have you created some beautiful styles using our Organic Dry Shampoo? We’d love to hear from you!