The weather may be dreary, but that doesn’t mean our plates have to be!

The weather may be cold and dreary, but that doesn’t mean your diet has to be. There are some amazing ingredients in season at the moment just waiting to adorn your table and warm your heart.


Believed to be the most boring of vegetables, its garnished the majority of school lunch plates for years and has built up a reputation to match. However, cabbage is the most delicious and appetising winter vegetable out there. Independently or as a side, it really can hold it’s own on your table.

A firm favourite is Italian Potato and Cabbage bake, a simple combination of vegetables served with a healthy helping of Taleggio cheese. So simple and yet so beautiful.


The Pheasant is another sustainable food source, readily available in most British butchers at this time of year. The number of organic farms is continuously on the rise which is fantastic news for the game lovers amongst us, as buying local meat is a must. This beautiful British bird can be roasted, poached, grilled, stewed and even dried making it one of the most versatile meats on the market today.


This eccentric vegetable brings a vibrant flash of colour to any winter dish. Not only is it praised for it’s medicinal properties but it tastes delicious with either savoury or sweet dishes. This early on in the year the shoots are still young and tender providing the perfect platform for any subtle dessert. Rhubarb is complimented by faint hints of the root spice Ginger, perfectly blended in a Winter Creme Brulee.


In Britain we’re lucky to be surrounded by the bountiful sea. Seafood is normally associated with the summer, but it should not be bypassed in the winter. The lowly whelk comes into it’s own in January ideally paired with a hearty broth and a wedge of crusty bread. Not only are they delectable but they’re healthy, versatile and the most sustainable shellfish on our coasts.

Whether you’re a meat eater, a vegetarian or a vegan, the depths of the British Winter is one of the finest times to source good quality, local ingredients bringing the rich January tones to your table.