How to make grey hair beautiful organically

Nine out of ten women over the age of 40 have acquired at least a few grey hairs. Mother Nature is random in her handing out of this particular sign of ageing, and there are plenty of women in their 30s who are grey all over, and others in the 50s who can find a few if they look hard in a good light. But the truth is that grey hair will eventually come to us all.

For those who are disinclined to embrace their new natural look without a little help, there are of course numerous options for concealment. Many of these solutions with traditional colouring methods (used by most hair salons) involve the regular application of hefty quantities of harsh chemicals, not to mention the dreaded re-appearance of the ever-widening runway of grey at the roots.

Dealing with greying hair by applying an all-over colour can be high-maintenance, harsh on your hair and health, and leads to the terrible giveaway block line between natural and unnatural. We offer a more subtle approach to colouring using methods that work in harmony with what your hair is doing naturally and using a variety of organic colour products.

So how to deal with the onset of grey in a healthy and subtle manner?

My top tips for natural, subtle hair that will mature gracefully are:

  • Start addressing the grey at an early stage, so we can adopt a strategy that can be adapted as the quantity of grey increases.
  • If you want to conceal your growing grey, you are in this for the long haul. As you age, and as harsh chemicals accumulate in your body, you can find yourself reacting to chemical products, acquiring sensitivities and allergies. This is why we insist on using organic colour and organic colouring methods.
  • We use clever and careful placement of colour, working with the natural colour rather than against it. This will keep the application of colour to a minimum, whilst maximising the visual appearance of colour and preventing the giveaway hard line between coloured and non-coloured hair.
  • We avoid colouring already coloured hair which quickly wrecks the condition. So, instead of darkening the hair, then adding highlights we use lightness that’s already there, and place dark around it.
  • We use gentle, organic colouring products that don’t compromise the condition of the hair and we use methods that only colour the hair that needs colouring, approaching the process with the finesse of an artist rather than a brutal decorator.

These kind of techniques make all the difference when colouring hair. We don’t adopt a “one size fits all” approach, it’s a question of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an individual’s hair, and working with them to produce the best effect.

The best hair colour is more like painting a picture than it is emulsioning a wall. We’re aiming to use as little product as possible, use the natural hair colour to its best advantage, add highlights and lowlights where they will enhance the natural look, and avoid the need for constant and costly treatment.

If you start this process when the grey starts to appear, you can have a life of happy coloured hair that looks completely natural, without compromising on condition. And if you’ve already tied yourself into the all-over-colour cycle, don’t despair, it can be rectified over a series of visits, and you too can be liberated from the curse of the dreaded regrowth line.

For a complimentary colour consultation, call the salon on 01451 831 999

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