Health Tips for Shiny Hair & Glowing Skin

A Little ‘Me’ Time

Whilst we all love to get our hands on the latest beauty product for healthy hair and glowing skin, the truth of the matter is: True radiance comes from what’s happening on the inside.
Take a little ‘me’ time to unwind, de-stress and relax. A calm body is a happy body and you can’t get much more beautiful than that!

  • Meditate

    healthIf some form of meditation isn’t part of your daily beauty regime, now’s the time to change. Breathing deeply and allowing yourself to slip into a deep state of relaxation on a regular basis improves heart health, blood circulation and keeps your cortisol levels in check, which is turn leads to clearer skin, a higher metabolism (to prevent weight gain) and even helps to reduce cellulite. Not only that, but taking some time out during your busy schedule to find your center will leave you feeling happier and boost your health in general – so less frown lines!

  • Eat

    health foodDiet plays a huge role in our health and general wellbeing, affecting anything from our hair and skin right the way to our mood and alertness. If you struggle to get your 5 a day in (and that’s a minimum, by the way), why not consider juicing and get all your required nutrients in a single glass? Fruit and veg aside, there’s actually a load of other delicious treats that you can munch your way through for super glossy locks and a glowing complexion: Make sure you’re getting your essential fats and oils from fish such as salmon, mackerel and oysters or alternatively, tuck into some nuts as a health food snack (particularly walnuts, cashews and brazil nuts) for their hair-enhancing minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Carrots help to produce natural sebum oils, broccoli is jam packed with folic acid and guess what? Right on time for Easter, dark chocolate contains high levels of iron, zinc and B vitamins all of which work wonders for your hair. Tuck in!

  • Sleep

    healthBeauty sleep ain’t no joke – seriously. If you’re not getting your recommended 7-9 hours per week (adults aged 26-64) now’s the time to start. Human Growth Hormone provides vital healing chemicals for our muscles and skin and 80% of it’s production occurs during sleep and blood vessels dilate causing blood flow closer to the skin meaning lack of sleep = sagging skin, longer lasting & more visible blemishes and dark circles. Being well rested is one of the most important things you can do for overall health and beauty!

  • Laugh

    health laughWhether it’s a giggle or a raucous belly-laugh, laughing is just so good for you – and lots of fun too. Who would have guessed that cackling away could have so many benefits, but it really is healthy: it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, tones tums and boosts your immune system! Give in, smile!

  • Hydrate

    healthHumans are made up of 50-65% water (I know right, nuts!), so it’s no great surprise that staying hydrated is incredibly important. Many people find that drinking fluids often slips their mind, especially during wintery months, but for optimal health and beauty benefits you have to replenish with 1.6-2 litres water per day, so make sure that you stay well thirst-quenched this Easter holiday, particularly if you’re planning on having a few cheeky drinks. Water is probably the best beauty product you will ever find: It flushes out toxins from your body and pores, unclogging any dirt and leaving you with luminescent skin; helps to keep you toned and tight; keeps cellulite at bay and it hydrates your cells – hair cells included – guaranteed shine!