Sultry, Sophisticated Halloween Makeup For Grownups!

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, cold autumnal nights and dressing up… Halloween is approaching fast and whether you love it or hate it, you may well have found yourself RSVPing to a spooky party invite, which means only one thing…time to get your costume ready!

OK, so seeing as we’re all grownups around here, maybe scary fancy dress isn’t for everyone, but don’t worry – you can still join in with all the fun without going all out with the face paint. Why not take this opportunity to vamp up your makeup with deep plum or red lipsticks, smoky eyes and contouring?


There’s no denying that one of the best sultry, sophisticated Halloween makeup looks is a vampire, so we’ve put together a quick how to just for you. Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to look the part but still gorgeous!

Vamp it up!

When you’re going for a Halloween costume that makes you look stunning rather than shocking, you can’t go far wrong with a classic vampire.

Get the look….

  1. Start with a flawless base – have you ever seen a vampire with skin any less than perfect? No, neither have we. Cleanse, tone and moisturize (including using the all important eye cream to avoid creases), prep your skin with your favourite primer and Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer (in case you didn’t know, some vampires sparkle!) and then set about applying your foundation. Go for a tone or two lighter than your usual choice or mix with a small amount of white face paint for that ‘undead’ feel! Fix with a light dusting of RMS Beauty ‘Un Powder’ for a soft focus finish.
  2. Skip the blusher and instead, reach for your bronzer or even a dark brown eyeshadow, for contouring. Using an angled blusher brush, line underneath your cheekbones to really pop those out and hollow out your cheeks a little. Extend this contouring up to your temple & brow bone. Blend well to avoid any harsh lines.
  3. A strong eyebrow is essential for creating your Halloween vampire look, so get yours groomed a few days before the party! Grab a well sharpened eyebrow pencil and carefully etch a light line above and below your eyebrow, right on the hair line. Don’t extend any further in than past the natural line where your nose meets your eyebrow. Fill in with soft, feather strokes.
  4. For Halloween eyes, it’s all about being dark and smoky! Start with a dark lid base, like Karma by RMS Beauty and blend well. Find a shade a couple of tones darker than your base choice and dab into your eye-socket line and along your lash line. Take a dark brown (maybe even the one you just used to contour!) and begin to blend out towards your eyebrow. Merge into a red toned eyeshadow and blend into a winged shape, extending out past the tip of your eyebrow. Take a kohl pencil and line your water line (upper and lower). Finish with a sharp, winged black liquid eye liner along your top lashed and lots of mascara! Want to feel extra glam? Add some false eyelashes to the mix. Halloween is one of the few nights of the year we can really get away with it!
  5. The vampire pout is one of the key components for this Halloween look, so don’t skip it! Start by lining your lips with a deep red or plum lip liner to avoid the colour bleeding onto your flawless base. Fill in with your favourite siren red lipstick and then using a lip brush, add in some darker shading with using your dark eyeshadow or a plum lip stain. Start at the edges and draw it inwards, but leave the very centre part red for a pout to make even Kendal Jenner jealous!