Hair Thrives When It’s Nurtured By Nature

Tabitha explains Why Natural is better for your hair, body and health.

The average woman will use about 150 chemicals in her daily, morning routine. That’s just the basic routine! If you think about getting up, brushing your teeth, using deodorant, using body wash, putting on basic make up; and this is before you start getting in to lots of lotions and potions. All of this is having a negative effect on the body. Be kind to yourself, heal yourself, nurture not only your hair but your body.

Chemical based cosmetic products create a strong dependency ensuring you have to use them again and again. As the hair strand gets coated in more and more nasties the worse it will look.

Natural products enable the hair strand and follicles to absorb all the goodness and moisture they need. By applying a natural hair oil, like our Scented Organic Hair Oil, the hair strand will be sealed thus holding in the moisture you’ve been so stringently applying! However, what is truly amazing, is that moisture, in the form of a natural conditioner, can still penetrate the oil barrier, boosting and maintaining the moisture levels.

According to the Law of Similars the application of our special oil to an oily scalp will calm any sebaceous gland overproduction, as the body tries to regain the right natural balance, producing oil on the scalp.

Even the smallest change will be noticed and loved by your body. At first the use of these natural products may feel like a luxury, an indulgence, but as your body starts to rebalance, detoxing from chemicals, you will actually require less and less product.

Not sure what to start your change with? Why not try these products, and let us know your thoughts:

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