We love hair oiling, for all of it’s incredible benefits to not only our locks but for our entire body and well being – hair oiling has been around for thousands of years and with good reason for both health and beauty.

You may already know that hair oiling is great for boosting the shine and manageability of your hair and that using a product like our scented organic hair oil on a regular basis can even out your scalp’s oil production and help your scalp remain beautifully balanced for fantastic overall hair health, but how can hair oiling help your whole body in other ways?

Holistic Full Body Benefits of Hair Oiling

Prevent Infections

Infections, whether viral or bacterial, affect our entire bodies regardless of where the problem is actually localised and so it’s important for our wellbeing that any problem is sorted out at the root cause rather than just disguising symptoms.

The clogging of pores on the scalp can lead to many kinds of infections that can be anything from a minor issue, such as mild dandruff, to something more serious. Hair oiling, when done correctly, can help to reduce and in some case completely avoid these sorts of problems, making it an essential addition to everyone’s health and beauty routine, particularly if you are prone to scalp related woes.

Regular hair oiling applied using a scalp massage boosts the blood circulation to your scalp and in turn, unclogs any clogged pores leaving them healthy and free to produce new hair follicles and sebum in the way they should.

Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan
hair oiling

Reduce Stress

Stress is hard to avoid in our every day lives and it can be the cause of many ailments, not to mention just feeling a bit down or tightly wound on a daily basis, which is not something any of us want. For our whole bodies to be in optimum health, it’s a good idea to reduce your stress levels whenever possible and indulging in a luxurious hair oiling treatment is a fabulous way to do this.

A scalp massage alone will work wonders in helping you unwind, but when teamed with our organic scented hair oil you’re reaching another level of relaxation.

When we say ‘scented’, we don’t just mean we’ve included a pretty perfume in this product. It does smell great, yes, there’s no denying that, but that fragrance is actually made up of specially selected aromatherapy oils chosen by Tabitha and an expert Aromatherapist to help soothe your mind and senses.

So when you come to treat yourself to your scalp massage, make an event of it! Light some candles, put some calming music on, have a warm towel at the ready to wrap your hair in after and make yourself comfortable. This is not just a treatment for your hair, it’s a treatment for your soul as well.


As we mentioned above, regular hair oiling and scalp massage will balance your scalp, meaning healthy hair growth and sebum production, but that’s not the only thing it will balance.

Treating yourself to a scalp massage with hair oil at least once a week will help to rebalance your body’s energy levels too.

Got insomnia? Then this will help you sleep. Need an energy boost? You’ll feel revived after a good hair oiling. Whatever balancing your energy levels need, hair oiling and scalp massage will do it for you.