Hair loss and thinning hair

How to increase blood flow to the follicle naturally

Benefits of brushing your hair

My best tip for thinning hair would be to brush your hair every morning and every night with a pure bristle (natural) brush, pure bristle because it can absorb oil and with repeated strokes of the brush through the hair will pick up very fine quantities of oil and distribute it through the hair. This removes it from the scalp and uses the oil to benefit the hair making it glossier, stronger and bouncier and appearing thicker. Remember stories of old when women would brush their hair 100 strokes a day, well this was why.

Too much oil on the scalp will add to hair loss as hairs literally slip out if the follicle.

Brushing benefits hair loss/thinning hair:

  • To increase blood flow to the follicle (the area of the scalp that each hair grows from). This will encourage the healthy growth of new hair and keep the scalp healthy and balanced.

  • To remove excess oil from sitting on the scalp – brushing it away is much better than shampooing it away as shampooing will encourage the body to replace the oil removed too quickly and thus making the problem worse. If you continuously shampoo too often the shampoo is stripping the body of the very fine layer of oil that should be there to keep the scalp and hair healthy and balanced. The big problem is that the body then puts more oil back to compensate and you end up with an over oily scalp. Shampooing every 5-7 days with a mild organic shampoo will keep the scalp healthy and balanced. If you find it difficult to go this long try using a natural dry shampoo, it will visibly take away the oily look from the roots whilst allowing the natural balance of the scalp to resume. This is then enabling you to retrain your scalp to slow down the excess oil production. Always increase one day at a time and stick with that for a month to allow the cell renewal in your body to catch up with the change you have made, then add more days over time to get to a recommended 5-7 day ritual.

I would also recommend using a good quality hair oil. You may think why add more oil?

You may think why add more oil?

For the scalp a good hair oil will re-balance oil production and nourish the scalp, a healthy scalp is essential for good hair growth and very often forgotten.

As for the hair it is very hard to get the oil to reach the ends of the hair as few of us have the time for as many 100 strokes a day with the brush. Applying a hair oil in a very fine amount (I recommend a petit pois size drop, warmed first in the palms of the hand and applied to the middle area through to the ends of the hair). You can also apply the oil as a treatment smothering the hair and scalp with about 2x50p size portions, leave it on for around half and hour and then shampooing away the excess with a mild organic shampoo. This will really improve the thickness of the hair and put back its protective layer that shampoo removes.

I have spent the last 2 years developing this oil for a healthy scalp and hair.

My Scented Hair Oil and Dry Shampoo are available for you to try in the salon, or you can buy them from our online shop.