Hair Accessory Trends – Summer 2016

No matter how impeccable your make-up & dress code are, depriving your hair of attention and the total look will immediately be affected.

Throwing a retrospective look to the spring/ summer 2016 hairstyle trends we see wind-swept, tousled wavy hair, tight or kinky curls, sleek ponytails and diversely styled braids to be on trend.

Hair accessories will give your whole outfit some extra. Going through the latest fashion shows we have rounded up the best spring/ summer 2016 hair accessory trends for you that can become components of your hair whether you are wearing your hair loose or pulling it to a soft up-do or a sleek ponytail.


Minimalist, Matchy-Matchy, Ornate, Plastic – whatever your element of choice, the hairband will never let you or your fashion taste down! This is truly the perfect accessory for any outfit.


Flora has always been a great muse for many a painter, writer and designer. Fashion designers are also sprinkling shimmering flowers on everything whether it be a dress, a handbag or even hair. Floral hair accessories have flooded the catwalks and shaped one of the most inspiring and awesome Summer 2016 collections.

Bows & Ribbons

Ribbons and bows are a massive theme for the upcoming season. There has been a plethora of blouses, shirts, dresses, shoes styled with bows and ribbons channeling romantic accents mirrored in Spring 2016 hair accessories. Why not channel your inner Vivienne Westwood with a headband and giant bow accessory?


Gemstones, Diamonds, Crystals, diverse shapes… what more could you ask for in a hair accessory?

The catwalks of 2016 are literally obsessed with ornate, bejeweled pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Gilded Luxury

Keep the ball rolling with these luxe and chic golden pieces that are overwhelming the fashion room with Greek Goddess vibes and accents. These botanical golden barrettes and brooches have found different places to rest on wavy hair, more frequently coming to be used in pairs fixed at both sides.

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