Body looks incredible….Make sure your hair doesn’t let you down!!

Summer is knocking on our door which means more and more of us are trying to get into “Bikini-Body” Shape ready to wow those beach-side punters. With all our focus so readily on our bodies our hair tends to take a back seat. But lets be honest, we also want to look good! And we’re pretty sure great, healthy looking hair actually helps our workout!! Tabitha James Kraan has all the answers…..

No Beauty Editor worth their salt would be seen dead washing their tresses with the communal shower gel, so what are the Organic Gym Bag Essentials?!

TJK Organic Dry Shampoo – no time to wash and blow-dry after a session. Don’t panic!! The TJK Organic Dry Shampoo for Fair or Dark Hair will absorb all the excess oil and refresh your hair leaving you with a volumised look ready to attack the day! Don’t believe us?! Why not ask our blogger friend CynCity, a Gym fanatic and daily user of our Organic Dry Shampoo? Pre-Order the revolutionary Compact Dry Shampoo, your gym bags new best friend!

TJK Organic Hair Perfume, Golden Citrus – Hair still looking clean but just not quite smelling right? Always keep your Hair Perfume to hand for immediate refreshment and gloriously scented locks. It’s also amazing for a quick restyle.

TJK Travel Size Cleanser & 4-in-1 Conditioner – Whatever your favourite scent our travel size cleansers & conditioners can be with you wherever you go. Why not use the cleanser as your own personal organic body wash too?! We love a product that can multi-task!

Have you ever thought about products for your hair during your workout? Here at TJK we’ve got some fantastic ideas to multi-task at your favourite training location. You’ll not only look amazing at the gym but feel amazing too! Why not apply our Scented Organic Hair Oil before your workout? This will give the Oil ample time to absorb into the hair strand plus you’ll smell amazing! Cleanse the excess oil away with one of our organic Cleansers leaving you with hair looking as good as you feel!

It is so important to stay hydrated, not only for your body but for your hair. Never leave home without your water bottle and make sure you keep it topped up!

Keep a readily available stash of bobby pins and non-snag elastics to hand to keep your hair safe and looking great. If you’re really feeling it why not coordinate your elastics with your workout gear (however cheesy it may sound!)

It’s official…….you’re the envy of the gym crowd.

Perfect body, perfect hair – Summer is sorted!!