Grow Beautiful Long Hair, Naturally: Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

Dreaming of mermaid-long locks this summer? There are ways that you can shorten the time in which you can achieve beautiful, long hair.

Whilst it’s true that growing your hair to impressive lengths will take time and an awful lot of patience, it is possible to speed up the process with some intensive care.

If you’ve always wished for long hair but never quite managed to get there, your luck is about to change! Follow our simple tips on how to grow beautiful, long hair naturally, for longer, stronger, healthier hair…

organic haircare

Brush with Care

Take great care when brushing your hair, particularly when it’s wet. Each, individual strand plays a part in creating a gorgeous overall look, so look after every one!

Invest in a boar bristle brush for gentle de-tangling and always brush from the ends to the roots, rather than from the scalp down, to avoid ending up with a huge knot. Once you’re well de-tangled, you can use your boar bristle brush from root to tip to evenly distribute your natural oils, for healthier hair that doesn’t require such regular washing.

Always Condition

Many people out there don’t realise just how important conditioning the hair is, if you want to maintain healthy locks. Whilst over-shampooing is not a good thing, conditioner is a must whenever your hair is wet, for extra damage control.

The reason why conditioner is often skipped in the shower is that often users find it a little too heavy to use everyday. This is why we have developed our 4-in-1 conditioner to be light and easy to wear, perfect for daily use, whilst still packing a punch when it comes to deep hydration and moisture balancing.

Large Bottle Golden Citrus Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner 500ml

Cut Down on Washes

As mentioned above, your hair doesn’t really need washing every day! This is a bad habit that many fall into, but if you want long hair, it’s time to change. If you’ve been doing daily washes for some time, it might take a little while to re-train your hair into staying clean and fresh for longer between washes, but it is possible.

Our organic cleanser is specially designed to promote this re-training process by balancing your scalp’s oil production, so when you start using it you’ll soon find that your hair is staying cleaner for longer. However, whilst you are getting use to coming out of your daily wash routine, our cleansers are gentle enough to use every day, without stripping.

Regular Trims

Don’t be fooled into believing that regular haircuts are a bad thing when you’re trying to grow your hair! If anything, it’s more important than ever to keep those tips refreshed.

It may seem counter-productive to have an inch cut off when you’ve just spent two months growing it, but if you want long hair that is actually healthy and looks great, this is a must. It won’t help your hair to grow longer, faster but it does mean that when you do finally reach your desired length it will be made up of gorgeous, healthy strands, with minimal split ends and damage. Avoid having to get a big chop all in one go by keeping on top of your haircut schedule.

Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan

Oil Treatments

When your hair grows past your shoulders, you’re looking at lengths that are at least a few years old. Time takes it’s toll on our hair, as it’s exposed day in day out to heat, moisture, dryness, pollution, chemicals and UV rays, not to mention rough brushing that so many are guilty of (take care!).

With this in mind, consider adding weekly oil treatments into your haircare routine to help revive and hydrate those tired ends. Our organic scented hair oil is a bit of a life-saver when it comes to sad, limp, locks so indulge in this thirst-quenching product – your hair will thank you for it!