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Jane Scrivner

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We have decided to make a conscious effort to support Great British Organic and Natural skincare Brands.

We have been fans of Jane’s skincare virtually since she started out and have a very loyal following of our clients at the salon who love her amazing cleanser and fabulous facial oils.  This week we are launching The New Expert Eye Duo £79
It is beautiful and Jane herself says “you can even use it all over the face” as it is so rich and nourising and fine for the eyes that it is the ultimate indulgence for the face.  Available now in the salon and our online shop here on the website.

We love the Local aspect of working with her as she is based just outside Stratford-On-Avon and has her products made in England, making the range both British and Local, how good does it get?!

I was very lucky to have had a Jane Scrivner bespoke face and body treatment this week.  What an amazing experience as soon as she touches you it is apparent you are in expert hands, no detail left unturned, she is meticulous and totally in tune with what your face and body needs.  This was by far the best facial and whole body treatment I have experienced and I have tried many……

Jane’s beautiful treatments are available in her truly spectacular treatment room (you will not be disappointed) at Alderminster,  Stratford about six minutes from Waitrose.

To book an appointment to experience for yourself, call 01789 801 040

An Interview with Jane Scrivner

What got you started with your own range?

I love using products that make a skin difference. Mixing and experimenting to get amazing results and I tested these ‘experiments’ on my clients. It was a long slow process of realisation that I could put these products into bottles, with labels, so they could use them at home. Then as the variety of products I was using became wider due to my travels and exposure to fabulous raw materials, the bottles got a little bit smarter, the labels were printed not handwritten, the customers were coming back for more and the rest – as they say – is history!. It’s been development by stealth, not necessarily by design.

I still find it amazing that there are people out there, worldwide, that use our products and we are their chosen skin care range.

What would you say to women who want to take the botox route to looking good?

I would say that the Botox route doesn’t necessarily make you look good. Botox isn’t skin care it’s muscle care. No amount of botox prevents spots or clears up congestion. You don’t get luminescent skin from an injection and it costs a lot more than a good skin care regime ever will.

I don’t have a problem with people doing things or having procedures to make them feel better but Botox isn’t a recipe for great skin.

Why Natural? What do you see as the benefits?

For me, natural makes the most sense, it’s why we use the line ‘IT’S WHAT YOUR SKIN WOULD CHOOSE’.

Our skin is an organic organ, it is fed by what we put ON it and what we put IN ourselves – our diet. Using natural and edible products both on and in is my formula for beautiful skin. Products that are closest to the skins natural sebum production are plant oils and so for me natural – the best versions of natural ie Organic, first cold pressing, natural and unadulterated will always be my choice. I also see a difference when using natural products, my skin is clearer, more translucent. I am happy that natural products keep my skin in fabulous condition and relevant for my age – more importantly, I get the same response from our customers, they love the effect and the feel and look of their skin after using Jane Scrivner. Buying us a second time is all the evidence we need that natural works hard and looks amazing.

We are proudly featuring you as our British and local brand, what does buying British mean to you personally?

For me it’s an extension of ‘keeping it in the family’ and actually, we get the best of both worlds, we buy local or British which keeps us close to every stage of manufacture and quality and provenance – keeping people in employment and flying the flag. The British are also incredibly good at doing a job well, I know this country gets slated at times for poor service and letting our manufacturing industry go to ground, but if we don’t support it, then we become part of the problem when we could be the start of the solution.

I appreciate that most of our raw materials can only be sourced from abroad but our blending, bottling, manufacture, marketing, design, PR, print is all British and around 90% is local – within 5 miles of our offices. Keeping your local community busy is no bad thing!

If you could choose anyone, who’s face would you choose to be the face of your brand and why?

For me, faces alone aren’t beautiful, the skin is fabulous but the real beauty is behind the face, the person, what they stand for their personality and their style – I have a long list of beautiful women that I would LOVE to use my products because for me they are naturally beautiful and they embody the personality of the JS brand, their skin is honest about their lives and their style is confident and individual and there is a sense of humour and a little bit of potential wickedness when wickedness is a good thing and there is certainly no age to them….Judi Dench, Tilda Swinton, Helen Mirren, Kate Blanchette, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Helena Bonham Carter, Victoria Beckham.

A selection of Jane Scrivner skincare from our online shop

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