Nature’s Strongest Anti-Oxidant. How Can It Help My Hair?

What Is It?

Popular with everyone from celebrities to health experts, Goji Berries, also known as the “Wolfberry”, are a bright orange/red berry that can be found covering the landscape of their native China. It can be used in a variety of different ways from teas to juices, to wines and medicines.


There are an abundance of stories claiming that the Goji berry is a miracle plant said to help you live longer. In 1578, Li Shudjun, a phytotherapist in China, wrote that the people of the berry growing village Nanchun all lived to over 100 years old. A tree in the middle of the village dropped berries into their nearby spring, the villagers drank the water which was said to cause these life extending properties. Another fascinating story is that of Professor Lo Qing Yven who was born in 1678 and died in 1930 at the miraculous age of 252! True or false the stories are awe inspiring.

The Goji berry is so respected in the Far East that the Tibetans hold a festival in it’s honour.

Why Is It Good For Me?

Goji berries are one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants on the planet which in turn engender a sense of wellbeing and optimism. They are known as “happy berries” after all :) Taken raw or in a tea they can improve energy levels and ones zest for life.

What Can It Do For My Hair?

Superfood for hair. Quite a claim!! Goji berries are an absolutely fantastic ingredient for use on your hair. They contain natural anti-bacterials as well as anti-fungals and have anti-inflammatory properties perfect for maintain a healthy scalp area. They are known to aid hair growth. 

Immerse your hair in the Goji rich TJK Scented Hair Oil, ideal to strengthen and protect each precious strand of your locks. This super moisture boost harnesses the restorative powers of the Goji Berry focusing it’s energy on the root of the follicle, sealing the cuticle and rehydrating the hair; the key to perfect tresses!!