We all love getting cosy in winter and the Danes know how to do it best, with Hygge.

If you’ve never heard of Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-ugh’ and translated simply as ‘cosiness’), now is the time to make yourself acquainted! As we approach the coldest part of the year, delve into the comfort and every day happiness that they do so well in Denmark.

We love anything that provides a health and wellbeing boost and enjoying simple pleasures that keep you relaxed and present in the moment is a quick path to achieving wellness.

The simplicity of Hygge shows the de-coupling between wealth and wellbeing, by demonstrating that it’s not money and ‘things’ that bring you and your loved one’s happiness, but rather togetherness and total relaxation.

According to the author of The Little Book of Hygge, Meik Wiking, hygge can be defined as “Togetherness, relaxations, indulgence, presence and comfort. It all boils down to the pursuit of everyday happiness – the art of creating intimacy and cocoa by candlelight.”

Just as our organic hair products are designed to soothe the soul (whilst delivering gorgeous hair too, of course!), thanks to our specially blended, natural aromatherapy scents, Hygge is an easy way to get happy and super-chilled for the new year!

Get Happy With Hygge: The Minimalistic Danish Way of Life


Get Comfy

Whether you’re snuggling down at home or you’re out and about, staying comfy and cosy is one of the key principles of Hygge. Make the most of the post-Christmas sales and kit your house out with lots of warm blankets, cushions and beautifully scented candles. When you’re out, embrace wrapping up warm – dressing for the weather is most definitely in. Think big coats, boots, chunky knit wear and all the hats, scarves and gloves you can get your hands on.

Treat Yourself

Over-indulging over the Christmas period is something we’re all familiar with, and as the clock strikes midnight on new year’s eve we hear the cries of people all over the country, claiming that their new crash diet and hard-core exercise regime is about to begin. Eating well and looking after yourself is always a good thing, but don’t punish yourself in the process. Enjoy life and have cake and wine when you want it – everything in moderation is the key to a healthy, happy human!


Start Baking

On the note of treating yourself, you can always do it better if you bake it yourself. Warming homemade breads and pastries are a big part of Hygge, so when you do feel that urge for carbs coming on, get into the kitchen! If you’re keen to go the healthy route, this is a great way to treat yourself without overdoing it, as you can easily bake gluten and sugar free if you want to.

Spend Time with Friends & Family

Hygge brings people together! Share the cosy intimacy with your loved ones, by making sure you get together on a regular basis to relax and really be yourselves. Fika is a weekly event in Scandinavian countries, where friends take it in turns to host a coffee and cake meet-up in their home. It’s all about spreading the feeling of community and togetherness – something that is very important in Scandinavian culture.