TJK products are proudly Made in England

What Does British Made Mean To Me?

I was born and raised in a British, “Organic” home, when organic just meant grow your own! From a young age I brought up to love my surroundings; my village, my countryside, my Britain.

When I opened my salon in 1993, it was so important to me that I represented Great Britain as well as I could. As my salon progressed to the pioneering organic salon it is today I wanted to bring my clients, and team on a journey with me. I have always wanted to create a heritage, British brand. One that can be associated with the great country that this is.

Tabitha James Kraan

When perfecting the TJK product range one of my primary decisions was that I wanted to source my ingredients from natural and organic British suppliers. Those whose supply channels were already open that I could see and understand, thus supporting those businesses that harmonised with my ethos and beliefs.

Localism is so important to me. I live in England, and have raised my children here (even if I am married to a Dutchman!) so if I can have any part in creating a better, safer world for them to grow in, I am all for it!

As the brand progresses and expands I am determined to ensure the products remain British Made, hopefully one day providing local jobs.