Grey is no longer about Age; it’s about Fashion

The media has been in uproar after “scientists pinpointed a gene responsible for grey hair – a discovery that could lead to new ways of delaying or preventing this natural sign of ageing” (BBC News, 1/03/16).

Since the 1950s the number of women colouring their hair has increased by 70%, but why do they feel the need to hide their grey?

Ageing successfully has become the concept of ageing without showing it. But when I googled #greyhair, I was fascinated to see that 95% of the images that appeared were of younger celebrities, bloggers and fashion moguls who had all chosen to colour their hair grey. The link between grey hair and ageism is becoming increasingly blurred.

Grey hair has a deep set link to ageism. The industry has lead consumers to believe that if they don’t colour their grey away they cannot be a member of the fashionable mainstream. We are being lead to believe that 21st Century colouring methods and colours won’t do any harm to our bodies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Current methods of colour application are putting the body at risk on a daily basis, as chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream.

I am known for my pioneering range of haircare cleansers, conditioners, and treatments that have replaced the chemical hazards found in everyday shampoos and conditioners with better, natural alternatives. However, it really concerns me that there is not an alternative colouring product currently being offered to consumers.

I believe it is so important for men and women to be educated about the facts of colouring. They should feel empowered by their natural colour and celebrate the ageing process.  If they are amongst the 70% who don’t feel comfortable with their grey, there are other ways to feel and look younger. I do not want to outrightly condemn colouring of hair, but I believe there is a better way. At TJK we have developed a way of applying the colour reducing the risk of chemical absorbtion through the scalp.

If fashion icons like Kate Moss, Sarah Harris, Cara Delevigne and many many more are proud to wear their hair grey, either naturally or coloured, why shouldn’t you?!