Essential Summer Hair Care

Specialized summer hair care is essential. End of.

Your regular routine just ain’t gonna cut it when those rays start beating down, and lets face it, we’re all going to want to get out there and soak up that much needed vitamin D and we’re probably not always going to be sensible and wear a hat.

Whether it’s the humidity making your hair frizz, the hot heat drying your strands out into a straw-like mass or just general dullness and and unwillingness to be tamed, we all have our summer hair woes – but fear not! With just a little tweaking and using the right products (at the right time), this doesn’t have to be something you put yourself through this year.

Great hair is possible all year round, with the ideal summer hair care system.

Ditch the Heat Styling

It may seem painfully obvious, but so many people ignore this summer hair care tip and it really is the number one ‘no-no’ when the sun is blazing. This may instill fear deep into the hearts of those of you who rely heavily on blow-drying/straightening/curling on a daily basis, but with the hot heat beating down on you all day, the very last thing your hair needs is an extra intense blast. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still look great, it just means that you might need to change things up a little; but there’s nothing wrong with that! Ditch the heat tools and embrace summer hair care with a more natural (yet still groomed) look, using salt sprays to bring out beautiful beachy waves which you can leave to air dry, or teach yourself a few fab braided styles which always look fantastic but are really easy to do.

summer hair care

Deep Condition

Summer is the perfect time to treat your hair to a regular deep conditioning treatment. You may already include this in your regular routine but for your summer hair care, you can actually use your sun-bathing hours to ramp this up a notch. Our Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 Conditioner is an absolute must-have in your summer hair care arsenal, as not only does it smell amazing (and who doesn’t love to smell amazing?) but it also deep conditions, whilst styling and leaving your hair grease free. Slather onto wet hair for a slicked back style on the beach and allow the sun rays to intensify the treatment, or scrunch into the ends of your hair to use as a curling or texturising cream.

4-in-1 Organic Conditioner wins Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2015

Saturate Your Locks

If you’re a ‘bottle blonde’ then you may be a little concerned about that dreaded green tinge that can come from swimming in chlorinated water and for all other hair colours too, you may just not want your hair soaking up all those chemicals. Brush a pump of your Tabitha James Kraan scented hair oil through your mane, from root to tip, before soaking with bottled or distilled water before taking a dip – your hair can only absorb so much liquid, so by following this summer hair care tip, you will effectively be creating a barrier to help keep your hair happy.  You can also use your TJK scented hair oil as a protective treatment, apply a couple of pumps to wet or dry hair and leave it in for as long as you have, all day around the pool would be fine swept up into a cute little bun or allowed to dry in for more beachy waves.  Shampoo or cleanse the hair removing the excess oil that has not been absorbed and style as you wish for the evening.  TJK hair oil is a very special blend that behaves like the natural oil and protects the hair against dehydration and moisture loss by sealing and protecting the hair shaft.

summer hair care