Easy Summer Festival Hair Styles


Scroll along for 3 of our favourite festival styles and how to do them!

Lace Braid Up-Do

Braids – the saviour of all festival-goers messy hair days (so, that’s every day then). But this isn’t just any old braid; the lace braid is a stylish alternative to your regular plait which is super easy to do and by following these steps, can be transformed into a cute up-do in 5 minutes flat. The ideal festival style! Not only does it look great, but it looks way more complicated than it actually is – Bonus! We won’t tell anyone if you don’t…

  • Start with a rough centre parting – we’re all for a bit of boho chic here!
  • Begin on one side, splitting a small front section into 3 as you would do on a full section with a regular plait.
  • Braid as you would with a normal Dutch Plait, but change it up by incorporating sections of your hair from the crown, as you would with a French Braid. Don’t add in sections from your hairline, pull it in from further back.
  • Continue to the end of your hair length and secure with a clear elastic.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • You should be left with pigtails, with a braid along the outer edge and the rest of the hair quite loose in the middle. Take the end of one braid, pull it across and secure with a kirby grip behind your ear.
  • Take the opposite braid and repeat this action, pulling the plaited hair across the back of your head, over your already secured braid, and pin behind your other ear.

And there you have it! A pretty little up-do in no time at all.

The Headband Twist

This is a fab festival hairstyle for those days where you just want your hair up and out of the way but still looking gorgeous. This is the easiest of the lot, so make sure your pack a bunch of these elasticated headbands in your festival survival kit!

  • Centre part your hair, grab your headband and pop it on over your hair, like a crown. Don’t pull your hair through. Pull the headband down at the back until it feels comfortable and like it’s not going to slip off – secure with pins if you feel the need.
  • Starting on one side, begin twisting your hair away from your face and pulling over and under the headband, so that your hair covers the band. continue this right the way around, overlapping to hide the headband. You may want to stop half way and start on the opposite side to ensure you keep your style even.
  • Once you get the the back, you will probably find that your hair needs to wrap over a few times to take the whole length – that’s fine! Just keep going until it’s all tucked in.
  • Secure with a few grips and the end and finish with flowers for that festival Goddess look!

The 4 Bun Faux-Hawk

This is a really cool alternative to your average ‘shove up and go’ type bun, which is almost leaning towards that ‘Faux-Hawk’ style we’ve been seeing gracing the red carpet lately. Perfect for a hot day at a festival or when you’re trying to disguise the fact that your hair could do with a wash!

  • Section your hair into ‘half up, half down’, using a comb to part just about ear height and across the back of the head. Secure the top half into two buns with an elastic (one leaning right to the front and the other behind) just to keep out of the way for now.
  • Do the same again with the remaining hair that has been left down, section in half and tuck the top part away in another little bun.
  • Braid the section left out from root to tip and secure at the bottom with an elastic. Pull this out a little to thicken the braid and give it a bit of texture.
  • Repeat this braiding process with the two tied up sections – undo one at a time, braid and secure.
  • You should now be left with 4 braids, one on top of the other.
  • Take each braid, twist it around itself and secure with bobby pins

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