Why Do Organic Ingredients Achieve Better Results?

We’re very proud of our officially organic status, labelled with the badge of honour from the Soil Association, but it’s more than just a buzzword to stick on our bottles and social feeds – organic really does mean better results for your hair. But why?

The world has been so conditioned into thinking that to achieve beautiful results in hair and skincare, you must spend a fortune on an endlessly length routine and rely on all the latest new technology and chemical formulas, but the truth is, nature does it best: always has, always will. In fact, the incredible ingredients found in the natural world are usually the source of inspiration for pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies who then go on to try and mimic that with cheaper, synthetic alternatives.

Our bodies are not designed to work with chemicals, particularly those which have been proven to be toxic to humans and animals, but these are the exact chemicals that are commonly found in your average shampoos, conditioners and styling products. In contrast, our bodies do work amazingly well with many plants, roots and herbs out there in the world and have done for thousands of years, so why change a good thing?

Safer Every Step of the Way.

Organic doesn’t just mean natural, it actually indicates a very particular type of natural that is grown in the very best way, free from toxins every step of the way, meaning when you see something that is ‘certified organic’, you know that this is better for you and better for the environment too.

Even natural products can leave you with chemicals in your system, if the ingredients have been grown using toxic pesticides and manufactured using toxic processes. However, for a product to be certified organic in the UK, a brand must adhere to complete transparency, tight rules and regulations to ensure the highest standards of quality and purity.

Knowledge is Power

High Standards = Pure Ingredients = Best Results

Meeting these standards of organic farming and production equates to the best quality ingredients that will deliver the best results possible. There are many products out there that contain aloe vera, for example, but not so many that use aloe vera grown organically. And even less that use fresh-pressed aloe vera as we do in our new Clean range!

The organic aloe vera that we use contains the highest amount of beneficial, active enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients possible, making this far superior to non-organic aloe vera which will be less potent and less effective as well as containing indirect chemicals from farming.

Pesticide treated plants as opposed to organic plants will always have lower concentrations of essential plant nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, due to the fact that the soil they are grown in is suppressed in nutrients too. Organic plants that have been allowed to grow and thrive in a natural environment, battling off pests and toughening their immune systems are always stronger and dense in nutrients.