Why is it so harmful?!

In 1993, when I was pregnant with my first child I had an eye opening conversation with my midwife. She told me that 60% of the chemicals I was putting on my body were potentially being absorbed into my bloodstream; the most harmful of which being the dye I was colouring my hair with. As a hairdresser, at the time the thought of “artificial colour free” hair was madness.

However looking back now it makes complete sense!

Did you know that the darker the colour you are using, the more potent and harmful the chemicals?!

Your hair is made up of mostly Keratin, the protein that can also be found in your fingernails and skin. The colour of your hair is dependant on what other proteins are present: eumalanin for darker shades and phaeomelanin for lighter shades. Your hair goes grey when these pigments go into deficit.

hair follicle diagram with blood vesselsColouring agents are made up of a series of chemical formulations that penetrate the hair shaft to alter it’s make up, therefore artificially altering the pigment balance. When your hair is treated to this amount of chemical mutation there are undoubtedly reactions in your body.

The scalp has the highest concentration of hair follicles on the body. These follicles are a direct link to your bloodstream. Therefore, if you are treating your head with colouring agents, a percentage of the chemicals contained within the product will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

At this point in time, there is no 100% natural colour alternative that can achieve the results required.  Here at TJK we always use organic colour products which are far less chemical but still need to contain chemical colour dyes.

18 years ago I pioneered “Clever Colouring” and my team and I have been working with these methods and developing our ideas ever since. Clever Colouring involves an intelligent understanding of where the potentially harmful chemicals lie in the colour ingredients.   We design with this information in mind, we also look at natural patterns in the hair, grey or  otherwise and colour in a way that ugly roots are minimised.  This results in holistic coloring that thinks about the whole picture and has no compromise on style.

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