Embrace the #TJKHairDetox and take some time this year to love your hair again!

Everyone starts January with the best intentions but after a few days back at the grind stone your mind is elsewhere and your motivation can start to waver. Don’t set yourself up for a fall this year. Make a simple change.

At TJK we believe natural is best; so why not challenge yourself to a totally Chemical-Free January?!

Following a conversation with my midwife in 1999, I was enlightened to the fact that what I was putting onto my body, in the form of chemical based hair dyes would be passed on to my unborn child. Up to 60% of skin products are absorbed directly into the body, therefore up to 60% of all the chemicals I was dying my hair with would be passed on. If this was what I was exposing my body, and my child to, undoubtedly it was also putting my clients at risk.

From then on the Tabitha James Kraan brand underwent a complete reinvention. From salon haircare, to recyclable and sustainable hardware & packaging, I remodelled my practices to reflect my new outlook.

Unlike my radical innovations, there is one simple change everyone can make. Throw out those chemical based products clogging up your home and take up 100% Natural and Certified Organic products, like TJK. Not only will they help your hair and body but also your eco footprint. Remember, whatever chemicals you use on your person will ultimately go down the drain and back into nature.

Did you know that by the time you have you’ve got up, showered, dressed and head out the door you could have used up to 200 different type of chemicals??!! Shocking eh!!

Don’t forget; whatever is good for you is good for the planet :)

Capsule Range of High Performance Organic Hair Products Haircare by Tabitha James Kraan

Take some time this January to love your hair again. Challenge yourself to say NO to harmful chemicals with the TJK 100% Natural product range, the perfect organic detox. Harness the restorative powers of the purest natural ingredients. Nurture your hair with Nature.