Choosing to buy local means a lot to us here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics and we love it when we hear about our fans following suit. You may have noticed that all of our organic hair products are ‘made in Britain’ and we always plan to keep it that way! This isn’t because we’re patriotic, it’s because we’re passionate about keeping our products eco-friendly and as good for you and the planet as possible.

We don’t just buy local for our haircare range though, we also try to buy local for food, gifts and personal items whenever we can. As a family business, we understand the impact that spreading the word about buying locally can have on individuals and we’re also very aware of how keeping your shopping close to home benefits our lovely planet too.

Why You Should Buy Local and How It Helps You & The Planet

Supporting Local Suppliers

Buying locally, rather than from big chain stores, is key to small shop survival so your purchases go a long way and can really make a huge difference. That quote that has been going around, claiming that your weekly shop bought from a local supplier can help to buy a little girl her ballet lessons is absolutely true – your choice to buy local makes a big difference to families.

Seasonal Produce

Buying locally isn’t a totally selfless act though, you get quite a lot out of it too! Often, buying food from local farm shops means that you’ll usually be eating seasonal produce, which is always better for you and more delicious. And better yet, the more you buy local from small farmer’s markets and similar the more will be available and for a better price.

buy local

Good for the Planet

With 2017 just around the corner, we are lucky enough to have access to all sorts of food produce all throughout the year, seasonal or not. However, the food that is out of season in the UK has to come from somewhere, so we’re now regularly seeing our food being flown over from all over the world meaning a lot of air miles and a lot of pollutants in the air. When you opt for local, organic and seasonally grown produce instead, you’re choosing to protect the planet by cutting down on the fuel and gases used to get out of season food brought to you.

OOAK Items

Deciding to buy local is a great choice when shopping for gifts, as you’re far more likely to find wonderful, one of a kind items. Ditch the mainstream and treat your loved ones (and yourself) to things that stray away from the norm and are usually of far higher quality and better priced too.

Boost the Economy

Buying local, whatever it is, is always putting money back into our economy which is always a big plus! Research has shown that for every £1 spent with small or medium businesses 63p stayed within the local economy, as opposed to 40p when shopping with larger businesses. Over time, this makes a huge difference to our country as a whole.

High streets that have thriving local businesses boost local house prices and encourages overall prosperity within individual towns.