Blonde Hair Care Dos & Don’ts

If you’re a blonde bombshell but it’s not 100% natural (we won’t tell!), then you will be the first to know that dry, damaged locks can be a real issue, particularly when spending time in the sun on swimming in both salty and chlorinated water. But don’t lose hope! It is possible to have bleach blonde tresses that remain silky and nourished, it’s just a matter of knowing the dos and don’ts….

DO deep condition your blonde hair at least once a week, and if the condition is very bad, you could even go as far as to do one every other day. Stick with natural products to get the most benefit, without faking it with a glossy plastic coating – your hair will thank you for it in the long run, as many synthetic treatments can actually end up causing more damage. Try Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask to repair frazzled follicles.

DO drench your hair in bottled or distilled water before hitting the beach or poolside. As dyed blonde hair can be on the dry side (less so when coloured organically of course), it has a tendency to suck up all the liquid it can manage, but if the liquid is filled with chlorine your hair will tinge green and if it’s filled with salt, it will dry your blonde locks out further. By soaking your hair pre-swim, you can fill each strand with pure, unadulterated water instead of the harmful stuff, which will lock out any extra moisture and act as an effective barrier.

DO cover up, with a hat, headscarf and /or a UV protecting spray. The UV rays beating down from the sun can cause that dreaded brassiness in blonde hair and will also dull tones for all hair colours. Combat these negative summer side effects sooner rather than later, as it’s much easier to avoid colour damage than to repair it later.


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DON’T try to fix damage already done, yourself – the most likely outcome is that you will just make it worse! Blonde hair is one of the hardest colours to achieve is you want it looking natural and healthy, so leave it to the professionals. Going it alone with a home hair kit will never get you that salon finish you’re after and there’s even a chance that the end result could end up slightly khaki or orange. Not a great look…

DON’T just use any old shampoo, choose your products carefully to suit your needs. For best results for faux blondes, opt for a gentle but moisturising cleanser that is either purple tinted try our Kevin Murphy blonde angel or colour free, as blonde hair will absorb anything with colour that you put onto it. Our Amber Rose Organic Hair Cleanser works a treat for keeping your hair and scalp clean without stripping sealing in oil for rich colour.

DON’T wash your hair every day – you just don’t need to, and doing so will only remove the natural oils that your blonde hair needs to repair itself. If you’re a daily hair-washer, you may need to wean yourself off and you may find that at first your hair will be pretty greasy even by day 2, but if you can persevere for a few days between each wash, your hair and scalp will regulate and you will start to find that you can go longer between each hair wash. To help you manage, try using our 100% natural dry shampoo for a day or two.