This is the month to be happy, not down in the dumps!

January is the most dreaded month of the year. It’s continuously dark, it’s cold, it’s wet and you’re feeling the post Christmas lull. But don’t let this get you down!! There are amazing things all around you to put an enormous smile on your face.

The Great Outdoors

It may still be pretty cold outside but the wet weather seems to be clearing. Make the most of the crisp, fresh air and get yourself out and about. All across this beautiful isle there are an abundance of public footpaths and natural terrains to be explored. It’s even better if you’ve got a four legged friend to keep you company!

Surround yourself with wonderful scents

When you’re curled up in front of the fire there’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with wonderful scents. Spritz yourself with the TJK Hair Perfume and be enveloped in the luxurious scents of neroli and bergamot.

For a quick way to make your house smell glorious, throw some dried apple and orange slices into your fire to fill the house with sweet seasonal smells.

Eat Green, Eat Local

By now i’m sure you’ve been inundated with information about eating well this January. From the sugar free regime, the 5:2 diet to the gluten free plan, the selection is endless. But to really take away those January blues you don’t need to make a dramatic change. The simpler the better! Eat local!

It is so important to understand where your food comes from. Not only do you support local businesses but you can be sure how your food is produced. If I could give one tip, and one tip alone this January it would be Eat Local Greens. Follow in the footsteps of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and buy those wonky vegetables! His #WasteNot campaign is an inspiration to everyone. Why should cosmetic standards apply to vegetables?!

The Tabitha James Kraan Detox Box

Last But Not Least!

It would be wrong for me to write about positivity without mentioning the beautiful TJK products, as I created them to be inspiring and uplifting. There is no better feeling than that of healthy, moisturised locks full of natural bounce and lustre. A sure fire way to bring a smile to your face. Beat those January Blues with the gentle Rose and Neroli scents and luxurious blend of essential oils. Your hair will feel protected from the harsh winter weather whilst looking amazing.

Say NO to the harmful chemicals filling your bathroom this year and join our #TJKHairDetox. The best introduction to Natural and Organic Haircare in the world. Care for your body; Care for the Earth.