A/W 2015 Lipstick Looks: Our Lipstick Guide

We all love to change up our makeup routine to match a new season and a new wardrobe and there’s nothing more transformative than lipstick for a quick and easy makeover.

This year, the autumn/winter season is all about bright, bold shades to keep the heat turned up during the chillier months ahead, but it’s so important for find the right colour for your skin-tone to get the most out of your new look. Find your signature shade by following our 2015 lipstick guide.


Red Hot

Red lipstick is a classic that everyone knows and loves. To be honest, red lipstick never really goes out of fashion, but there’s something about the colder months that just begs to have a scarlet pout re-introduced. Here’s how to pick your perfect red lipstick shade:

Light Complexion

Those of you with snow white skin, particularly blondes and red-heads, are the ones who can pull off the most iconic of all the red shades. Go for a true red that screams ‘siren’, just like all those 1950s blonde bombshells. Look for red lipstick tones that lean towards the blue spectrum for best results. For a more subtle and sophisticated look, great for daytime wear, try a rich cranberry hue.

Medium/Dark Complexion

If your skin is darker, a vivid orange red will look spectacular! Get the most out of your pout by lining your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick exactly (or as close as possible!). Really press in with your liner and be careful to keep a steady hand for a flawless finish.

Perfect Purples

Berry tones are a huge lipstick hit for A/W 2015 and can range from vamp to girly depending on which shade your choose. For a really fashion forward look, go for a bright purple, keeping your hair and the rest of your makeup clean and simple – extra gorgeous on brunettes!

Light Complexion

For pale skinned beauties, embrace your inner goth. This doesn’t mean you have to go all angsty teen on us – think more Katy Perry or Dita Von Teese for an edgy take on pinup. Not feeling quite brave enough for that? Try a berry tint instead for just a hint of glossy colour; but be sure to blot after applying to keep it in place.

Medium/Dark Complexion

Purple toned lipstick on darker still is just so utterly beautiful. If you have a darker complexion, this is one makeup item you should not be without! Try a really deep shade with brown undertones for the most complimentary colouring.

Pretty in Pink

Pink lipstick is one of our favourite daytime shades. We particularly love ‘Sublime’ Lip Shine by RMS beauty, which gives you all the pigment without the chemicals. There are so many variations of pink lipstick shades to choose from, so you can really have fun with this!

Light Complexion

Light skin looks absolutely wonderful when paired with pink lipstick, but the shade you go for this time will largely depend on your eye colour. For blue and green eyes, go for pinks with an icy, blue undertone; for brown eyes, go for something a little more fuchsia. Anything with ‘rose’ in the title is usually a good bet too!

Medium/Dark Complexion

Pink lipstick is one of the most flattering shades for darker skin, as it really helps to make your complexion pop. Try warm pink lipstick tones for a more eye-catching look, or to keep it played-down and beautiful, experiment with a sheer dark or bubblegum pink.