Autumn Decor

transform your home for a cosy autumn

The clocks have gone back, the leaves are falling and we’re officially heading into winter – with the short days, grey skies and cold weather, autumn can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to get into, but there are some easy autumn decor tweaks you can make around your home to help you make the transition something to enjoy.

Pop the heating on or get a fire going, you’re about to transform your living space into a snuggly, haven with our cosy autumn décor tips…

autumn decor

Heaven Scent

Our sense of smell is remarkable and having the right scent around you can make all the difference to your mood, send you back in time to a fond memory and of course, change the feel of a room entirely. To get yourself into winter mode, our first autumn décor tip is to fill your home with a warming, festive fragrance. Think pine, cedarwood, clove, orange and cinnamon – remember all the things you love about the winter season and use that in your autumn décor.

Sadly, most scented candles you’ll find will smell great but contain lots of synthetic fragrance and chemicals that, if your keen on 100% natural and organic products like us, are not really going to appeal; but there are some wonderful, natural alternatives.

autumn decor

An oil burner or aromatherapy device works beautifully and there are so many fabulous essential oils out there that you’ll be spoilt for choice! If you’re familiar with our luxury hair products, you will already know that we’re big fans of sumptuous, 100% natural scents. If you’d rather have a pre-made oil mix instead of making one yourself, we love local brand Aqua Oleum who make wonderful autumn décor winter oil blends. Try ‘Festive Joy’ – it’s bound to get you in the spirit!

Make The Switch

The likelihood is that during summer, you won’t have had much need for additional cushions and throws in your living room, but cool months make us want to make the switch into warm autumn décor and by using room accessories, this can easily be done without breaking the bank or totally changing your entire room decoration!

Treat yourself to some new cushion covers in autumn leaf colours: burnt orange, reds, terracotta and earthy tones and scatter over your sofas. If you haven’t already got one (or two), invest in a lovely wool blanket or throw for yourself too – this won’t only bring your new autumn décor together, but wrapping yourself up in a soft cocoon, whilst reading a good book and sipping on a glass of wine or a warm drink can’t be beaten when you’re in need of a little R&R. We love these HUGE merino wool knit blankets by Ohhio – totally divine!

Get The Glow

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas – they can also be an amazing addition to an autumn décor den.

You’ll want them later for your tree anyway, so why not got some a bit early this year and line the skirting boards or add to a corner of the room somewhere that takes your fancy? Look for soft, white LED lights for a warm glow inside and out. A soft, ambient light in the evening is so relaxing and definitely beats a lamp or overhead light!