Why We Use Aromatherapy Oils in Our Products

If you’ve ever used our organic hair care line, one of the first things you’ll have noticed about each and every one of our products is the divine (and 100% natural) scents.

We never use synthetic perfumes in our range, as we know how absorbent our bodies are and how much chemicals can negatively impact our wellbeing, but we know that smelling great is very important to our customers. Because of this, we’ve worked hard to produce TJK signature scents using only the very best, organic aromatherapy oils (working alongside an expert aromatherapist) which not only smell amazing, but also enables us to harness the powerful benefits of essential oils to leave you feeling soothed and uplifted after each use and beyond.

When using our products, whichever you choose, we highly recommend taking the time to take a few deep breaths to enjoy the fantastic and entirely unique scents that they have to offer.

You might now be wondering, what’s so great about aromatherapy oils? Well to clue you in, here’s a bit about few of our favourites that we love to use in our high performance organic hair products and what they can do for you…

aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy Oils: Why We Use Them in Our Products


Who doesn’t love to feel uplifted? We certainly do, and the wonderful citrusy scent of Bergamot aromatherapy oils definitely uplifts and lightens the spirit.

We use Bergamot for it’s sensuous anti-stress properties that keep you feeling calm and refreshed throughout the day. Bergamot is also a powerful natural anti-septic and anti-viral, so it’s a great one to use if you’ve got any illnesses you want clearing up or keeping at bay.

You can find Bergamot aromatherapy oils in our citrus cleanser, citrus 4-in-1 conditioner and our delicious hair perfume.

aromatherapy oils
aromatherapy oils


Named for the Princess of Neroli in the 17th century who was known for wearing this precious aromatherapy oil, Neroli oil is drawn from the bitter orange and Seville orange plants in Italy. Neroli is a bit of a miracle worker among aromatherapy oils and we adore it’s lingering scent, which adds a real depth to our fragrances, particularly in our scented hair oil.

Another one that’s great for treating stress and anxiety, thanks to it’s calming effects, Neroli also stimulates the growth of new cells, meaning beautiful, healthy hair. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin, which we think is very important. It’s good to be kind to yourself.

Ylang Ylang

The exotic smell of Ylang Ylang aromatherapy oil is very popular amongst the world’s leading perfumeries due to it’s deep, flowery and seductive scent.

We love using Ylang Ylang in our hair products not only for it’s gorgeous aroma, but also for it’s unique properties which balance sebum and enhance hair shine. A bit of a must, really!

aromatherapy oils


Rose aromatherapy oils play a key role in the scent of our amber rose cleanser and amber rose 4-in-1 conditioner, as well as our dry shampoo and we’re sure that you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Rose is a surprisingly unisex scent that smells undeniably feminine on a woman yet still warm and sensual on a man, so we can happily recommend these products to everyone, even if you have the fussiest of noses!

Rose aromatherapy oil is used is the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, both mental and physical, including depression, anxiety and heart issues – this is due to it’s innate ability to calm and enhance the body and soul.