Moroccan Miracle Oil – is it as good as everyone makes out?

What is ‘Moroccon Gold’?

Argan oil is the rarest vegetable oil in the world. It is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree found in North Africa, most notably Morocco. It is probably the most well known natural moisturising oil found on the market in the 21st century because of it’s remarkable healing properties with just a drop or two.

What does it do?

Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, Argan Oil has an abundance of medicinal and cosmetic benefits. The Tocopherols within Vitamin E boosts the body’s cell production rejuvenating the skin and scalp at an amazing rate. It has been used for centuries to cure skin irritations, damage and infections, and in recent years for chemically induced issues.

It’s History

Argan Oil has been sold around the Mediterranean for over 3500 years; a fashionable commodity for it’s miraculous healing and moisturising properties. According to legend it was being sold by merchants as far back as the 12th Century BC!

Traditionally the Argan Tree nuts were particularly hard to crack into, so not unlike Kopi Luwak coffee beans, the people of Morocco used an animal to “extract” the bean from the very tough outer nut. These enterprising individuals would encourage their goats to climb the Argan Tree and feed on the tough nuts. They would sift through the dung to collect the now cracked nuts and reap the rewards of the Argan beans. Historically the extraction of the oil was very labour intensive, but modern methods have slightly alleviated the strain on the  Moroccon ladies and their goats!

How can it help my hair?

According to the Law of Similars, an oily scalp requires an injection of natural oil to rebalance and calm sebaceous gland oil production. Argan Oil is the perfect natural oil to moisturise the scalp and condition even the driest hair. Vitamin E, which is found in Argan oil in high quantities, is extremely beneficial for hair, promoting hair growth, taming frizz and even curing split ends!

It can be used as a conditioner all on it’s own, but (as the smell is not that appealing) Tabitha James Kraan has infused the Argan Oil with essential oils making a 100% Natural Hair Oil, proven to treat scalp conditions and restore the health of your hair. This little pot of opulence will bring a new lease of life to your hair. Don’t believe us, try it for yourself!