9 Reasons to Love Winter

Winter in The Cotswolds, how to beat the Blues

Some find winter humdrum, or even depressing, but for me it comes with its own set of perks that make it the best of all seasons.

In honour of winter solstice on Sunday, here are 9 reasons to love winter. When mid-February hits and you’re desperate for warmer weather, revisit this list for a morale boost. We’ll get through this together.

  1. Snow
    There’s something magical about white flakes of not-quite-rain-not-quite-ice falling from the sky. Snow covers any landscape’s imperfections and makes the streets hushed and beautiful. It makes a lovely swishing whisper as it falls, is fun to crunch in the proper footwear, and activates kids’ automatic instincts to go outside. Shovelling aside, there’s nothing not to love.
  2. Fireplaces
    The best part of winter is spending as much of it as possible, as close to a fireplace as possible. I inch up to the flames to the point of near incineration, but that’s a personal preference. Any way you do it, hanging out fireside is a cosy, crackling, heart-warming experience.
  3. Cosy Sweaters
    A close second to fireplaces on the cosiness scale, sweaters are arguably the best invention in fashion since stretchy pants. They come in all shapes and sizes, are always soft and warm, and some even have turtlenecks. Fall is iffy for sweaters because the temperature tends to rise during the day, but in winter you can sport all your cuddliest knits with a perspiration-free guarantee.
  4. Pretty Lights
    Gorgeous strings of lights add yet another magical element to the season. It’s hard to be downcast when you’re driving past twinkling houses, or walking by shop windows lit up like they’re celebrating.
  5. An Excuse to Stay in Bed
    Everyone could use a mental health day, and the cold weather is a great excuse to snooze your alarm and crawl back under the covers. When you’re in bed the possibilities are endless: Netflix, Seamless, novels, the Internet… the world is your oyster. If you’re not a night owl, shorter days make it even easier to turn in early.
  6. Comfort Food
    Putting on winter weight is a natural part of the seasonal cycle, so why not embrace it? Now’s the time to go hard on hearty soups (butternut squash, anyone?), or simple warm sides like baked potatoes. It’s called comfort food for a reason.
  7. Old Faces
    When winter rolls around it brings with it a sense of an ending and a feeling that draws people together. Whether you’re reuniting with loved ones for holiday festivities or realizing it’s been a while since you’ve seen so-and-so, this is the perfect season to spend with those you love.
  8. New Beginnings
    With every ending comes a new beginning; every year January follows December. Winter is the perfect time to start fresh. Resolve to make some lifestyle changes, excel in your career field, or get your finances in order. If change isn’t your thing, now is still a great moment to reflect on the past year and to plan ahead for the next.
  9. It’s All Daylight from Here
    December 21st is the longest day of the year. Going forward, there’s nothing but sunshine!