7 days of beautiful hair – is that so much to ask? For us here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics, we say no, it’s not!

In modern day society, we’ve become accustomed to chemicals; in our homes, in our cleaning products and almost worst of all, in our beauty routine. It’s because of these toxic hair care products that beautiful hair seems to come at the price of having to wash and strip precious natural oils every day (or every other day), which is not really what our bodies want or need at all.

At Tabitha James Kraan Organics, we want you to have beautiful hair, naturally, but we know that switching to natural, organic haircare can be tricky if the process hasn’t been fully thought through. Hair that is used to being stripped down with over-washing and glossed up with a plastic coating will take a little time to re-train and get used to the natural way of doing things, but it won’t take long and the benefits are huge and long-term too. That being said, we don’t think you should have to give up having beautiful hair at any stage as you clean up your beauty routine, and that’s why we’ve formulated products that make the transition an easy and down-right luxurious one.

Below, we’ve written up a step by step guide to our dream hair routine, meaning we’ve only suggested washing twice during the week. However, we totally understand that this isn’t ideal for everyone and is perhaps not something that you would feel comfortable with or ready for right away and when you’re using our natural cleanser, and that’s fine too. Our cleanser is so gentle and full of goodness that you absolutely can wash your hair every day if you want to, without having to worry about disrupting your body’s natural oil production.

You might start by washing your hair each day, but one day you’ll wake up on day two and your locks will still look just as fabulous as the day before and you’ll feel happy going another day without cleansing. The best route to happy, healthy hair and a routine that works for you is to listen to your body and go with what your hair wants – you’ll know when it’s time to extend your non-washing days.

Whatever stage you’re at, whether you’re new to all things natural or you’re an organic product pro, you’re going to love using our range!

Want 7 days of beautiful hair? Here’s how:

7 days of beautiful hair

Day 1: Cleanse & Condition

Begin your 7 days of beautiful hair by taking your hair washing to a whole new level. You may have noticed that we’ve chosen to use the word ‘cleanse’ here, rather than ‘shampoo’ and that was very much deliberate! Whilst we do have a TJK shampoo (in the more traditional sense) coming soon, our current and original method of hair care does indeed involved cleansing with our gentle cleanser, rather than foaming up.

For us, cleansing is all about the scalp, which is really where the cleaning and balancing needs to take place as this is where the oils are produced. All you need is a few pumps of our gloriously scented cleanser in each section to then massage into the scalp, we have created a video to show you how – don’t just plop it on top, really get in there and underneath and pamper yourself!

Rinse well and move onto the conditioning.

Organic Hair Cleanser Amber Rose by Tabitha James Kraan
Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose by Tabitha James Kraan

As with our cleanser, we like to use our conditioner in a slightly different way too, in that this is what will actually clean the lengths of your hair. Again, a few pumps will do, then just comb through from root to tip. Leave on for a moment and breathe that gorgeous aroma in deeply. When you’re ready, rinse.

Day 2: Touch Up Those Ends

On day two, you’ll still be revelling in your silky locks, but you may find that your ends want a little bit of extra love if they’re quite dry and damaged.

Luckily enough, our 4-in-1 conditioner is not only a wash in wash out sort, but it can also be used as a leave in conditioner and a fabulous styling product!

Get specific with just a pump or two of product and touch up those dry, thirsty ends.

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose by Tabitha James Kraan

Day 3: Second Cleanse

enjoy your hair dayOur dream haircare routine would involve managing to fall back to cleansing our hair only twice a week, and once your locks get used to their new, natural products this will happen naturally, even if you’re used to washing your hair every day.

However, there are no strict rules, especially when using a product as pure and gentle as our cleanser. The trick is to pay attention to what your hair wants. As we mentioned above, if you feel the need to wash your hair every day, you don’t have to worry about it when using our products, but over time you’ll probably find that you don’t need or want to anyway!

Don’t rush your hair, just go with the flow and let it tell you when it’s time to go another day without cleansing. Soon enough you’ll be right on track with our dream routine and day 3 will be your second wash day without a struggle at all.

Equally so, if you don’t feel the need to wash your hair again on day 3, you don’t have to! When you’re using products that really work, you’ll soon find that you don’t have to faff about with your hair every day to keep it looking great. What a relief for those of us with busy lives! If you’re happy to go another cleanse-free day, just take some time out and enjoy the results from the last two days. Your hair will be looking great, smelling stunning and behaving itself.

Organic Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair by Tabitha James Kraan

Day 4: Refresh

By day four, you will probably start to notice some oiliness at the roots. Now, with a chemical-based routine, this would be the time to wash all of that out and start over again, but of course by doing that, you’re depriving your mane of all the best stuff! That oil is not the enemy, in fact, that’s what keeps hair really shiny and healthy and stripping it too soon not only leads to dry ends, but also to an un-balanced scalp, which can cause all sort of issues.

Rather than reaching for the toxic shampoo, go for our award-winning dry shampoo instead! This is no ordinary dry shampoo, it won’t just blot out the grease and job done, it will fully rejuvenate your hair. Use a generous dusting all over the scalp and ruffle in right at the roots for beautiful hair that not only looks clean but smells clean and FEELS clean too. We’ve carefully formulated this product with our customer’s needs in mind, and one of those is to feel refreshed. Our blend of soothing and cooling essential oils do just that!

Oh, and did we mention that using this will also give you incredible volume? Well, it does. Seriously.

Day 5: Replenish

Keep day five simple, with a quick touch up at the ends again with our 4-in-1 conditioner and an all-over spritz with our hair perfume. This not only smells wonderful but will also add a bit of moisture to your hair, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

Organic Hair Perfume
Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan

Day 6: Oil Treatment

The week is almost up, so tonight’s the night you get to indulge with our amazing scented hair oil!

Double up the benefits by giving yourself a deep scalp massage (or, even better, asking a loved one to do it for you) to get those nutritious, natural oils really well penetrated.

Your hair and scalp will absorb most of the goodness within the first hour, but leave on overnight to be soothed by the scent anyway.

Day 7: Repeat

Day seven is here and you’ve made it to 7 full days of beautiful hair! Cleanse and condition and begin the whole lavish process again.