Houseplants to Naturally Clean the Air in Your Home

Leading on from our recent blog ’10 Natural Ways to Detox Your Home Environment’, where we mentioned that keeping house plants can dramatically reduce toxins present in the air, we thought that we would delve a little further into why that is and which plants you can use for the greatest, air-purifying effect.
Clean Cult: The Consults | An evening of mini beauty consultations

Clean Cult: The Consults | An evening of mini beauty consultations

Flirting with the idea of a new beauty routine? Does your current regime need a spring clean? This March, Clean Cult play cupid, hooking you up with 10 natural beauty experts and allowing you one-on-one access for two whole minutes with each.
Scented Gif Set for Dark Hair by Tabitha James Kraan

Natural Hair Styling On The Go! Must Have Hair Products for Your Handbag

Did you know about our hair perfume..... This product is truly a chemical free perfume, 100% natural ingredients that will only uplift and enhance your mood. We even added an amethyst stone rather than a chemical ingredient to blend the oils and liquids when you shake the bottle as we want you to be able to indulge yourself safely as often as you choose.
buy local

Why You Should Buy Local and How it Helps You & The Planet

Choosing to buy local means a lot to us here at Tabitha James Kraan and we love it when we hear about our fans following suit. You may have noticed that all of our organic hair products are ‘made in Britain’ and we always plan to keep it that way! This isn’t because we’re patriotic, it’s because we’re passionate about keeping our products eco-friendly and as good for you and the planet as possible.
natural oils

Our Favourite Natural Oils & Why We Love Them

Using products that are made up of synthetic ingredients may work on the surface, in the short term, but for really healthy, gorgeous hair that is strong and shiny from the inside out, organic is the way forward.

Grammys 2017: Red Carpet Hair & Makeup Inspiration

On the hunt for some summer hair and makeup inspiration? You need look no further than the red carpet!