Cosmetic Chemicals: Is Your Beauty Bag Leaving You Unbalanced?

It is shocking how much harm cosmetic chemicals can cause, not only to our hair and skin, but to our entire bodies. From the shampoo we use to the foundation that we wear on our skin, it is so important to choose products that are as pure as possible.
organic hair cleanser

Organic Hair Cleanser: Wash Your Hair Without Stripping

You may be familiar with the ‘no poo’ method, where using any hair washing product goes out the window in the mission to attain beautiful, healthy hair and you may have also heard about how regular high street shampoos strip your hair, despite claims of repair and deep moisturisation, but how does it all really work and why is our organic hair cleanser a better option than bot

Veganuary: Try Vegan This Month with These Great Recipes

Anyone who knows our brand will know that aside from our own wellbeing, we always consider the protection of the planet in any products that we create and that’s why we’re big advocates of Veganuary – a whole month dedicated to trying vegan for the month of January.
natural dry shampoo

3 Reasons You’re Going to Love Our Natural Dry Shampoo

Looking for a natural dry shampoo that performs better than the toxic stuff you think you can’t live without? We’ve got you covered.

Get Happy With Hygge: The Minimalistic Danish Way of Life

We all love getting cosy in winter and the Danes know how to do it best, with Hygge.
hair oiling

Hair Oiling: Oil Your Scalp for Holistic Full Body Benefits

We love hair oiling, for all of it’s incredible benefits to not only our locks but for our entire body and well being – hair oiling has been around for thousands of years and with good reason for both health and beauty.
detox your home

10 Natural Ways to Detox Your Home Environment

Our homes are choc-a-block with chemicals, from our bedrooms to our bathrooms, and sometimes it can all seem like it’s a bit too much to deal with. What do we do when we discover that so many of our home comforts are causing serious damage to not only ours but our loved one’s health and well-being?