Clean Cult London in Ethos Spitafield on Sunday 10th July 2016

Clean Cult London 2016

Tabitha James Kraan is proud to present the only Clean Haircare line at London's first WellBeauty Summit on Sunday 10th July 2016.
TJK current favourite bloggers

Our Current Favourite Beauty Bloggers

Without the love and appreciation of some truly amazing bloggers out there in internet ether we really wouldn’t be where we are today. We wanted to introduce you to some of our nearest and dearest...
Miron Violet Glass used by Tabitha James Kraan


Most natural products decay or deteriorate in natural light, especially sunlight, which will accelerate the process of molecular decay, but Miron glass will block the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet, ultra violet and infra-red light.
Tabitha explains Why Natural is better for your hair, body and health.

Hair Thrives When It is Nurtured By Nature

Natural products enable the hair strand and follicles to absorb all the goodness and moisture they need. By applying a natural hair oil, the hair strand will be sealed thus holding in the moisture you’ve been so stringently applying...

2016 Men’s Trends: Styles & Tips

Too often when we talk about haircare we leave out a very important percentage of the population! At TJK, Men’s styling and haircare is just as important as women’s.

Lavender – What are the Benefits?

Lavender Oil is said to be the most versatile and most recognised essential oil in the world but why have we used it in our Award Winning products?