The Scent Story – Part 1

Aromatherapy has it’s roots in the most ancient and natural forms of medicine. It is a form of true holistic therapy designed to treat the whole person but how does TJK utilise them?

Best Natural Beauty Product 2016

It's official! What an amazing week!! TJK stormed through the Natural & Organic Awards winning Best Natural Beauty Product with the Compact Dry Shampoo

Flying the British Flag

Tabitha explains why making the TJK range in England was so important to her ethos and beliefs.

Are you worried about chemicals in your house?

Ongoing research is continually proving how harmful everyday chemicals can be to your body and health. What most of us are not aware of is how many chemicals we are actually exposing ourselves to before we’ve even had our breakfast...

Colouring – why is it so harmful?

Colouring your hair is all the rage, but is it really as safe as they say? I delve into the depths of the science to investigate.