Tabitha James Kraan and the Art of Growing Up, Naturally

The Natural Way of Growing Up

I am known for my pioneering range of haircare cleansers, conditioners, and treatments that have replaced the chemical hazards found in everyday shampoos and conditioners with better, natural alternatives.

Fashion Forward Grey

The media has been in uproar since scientists pinpointed a gene responsible for grey hair. But what is the 21st Century's take on it?
grey hair

Showing Grey Gracefully: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Grey Hair…

As recently discussed on Radio 4's Women's Hour by the wonderful Mary Beard and friends, ‘Going Grey’ has always been a bit of a taboo in the beauty world, but when done right, grey hair can look sophisticated and down right beautiful – being a silver fox really IS a thing.
Tabitha's Journal

Beautiful Women

The natural revolution wouldn't be possible without the talent and passion of some very special women, without whom the Beauty Industry would be a very different place!

The New Face of TJK

With Spring almost here, we at TJK decided it was time for a new face, a new vibe, a natural beauty. Natural is the backbone of the TJK brand and ethos so there was going to be no compromise with our choice.