red hair

Makeup Tips For Red Hair: Red Head Beauty Advice!

Red hair, of all shades, is one of the hottest colours around right now. Sexy, fun and a little ethereal it’s hard not to envy all your copper headed stunners out there...

Makeup Tips: Brunette. Achieve the perfect lips, eyes and skin for your hair colour!

Brunette beauties are the most versatile of the lot when it comes to great makeup looks, so why not have some fun with it? Enjoy a relaxed ‘girl next door’ style with glowing skin and deep but natural eyes, go for gold for instant glam or brighten things up a bit with with colours to make your features pop...
beach style

Sexy Beach Style in 5 Easy Steps – Beach Waves Without Heat Styling!

Are you beach body ready? We’ve all seen those ads...and the answer is: of course you are! But are you beach style ready? Well now that’s a different question altogether...
hair colour

Makeup Tips For Blondes: Look Your Best…Whatever Your Hair Colour!

If you’re experimenting with a new hair colour this season, or you’re on a mission to make the most of what you’ve already got, one sure-fire way to bring out the true beauty of your chosen shade is to find makeup to match...
Stay Cool

Stay Cool & Look Cool: Beat The Heat With Our Top Tips!

Beat the heat this summer with our tops tips to stay cool and look cool !

Blonde Hair Care Do’s & Don’ts

It is possible to have bleach blonde tresses that remain silky and nourished, it’s just a matter of knowing the do's and don’ts....

Summer Festival Essential Beauty Kit List – Natural, Organic Products

Anyone who has ever been to a festival is probably familiar with the endless mud, grub and grime and comes hand in hand with the awesome music and laughs with friends, but you might find that by day two, baby-wipe showers are already losing their novelty factor and your hair and skin probably looks far from happy. However, this need not be the case...

Strobing Tutorial – Gorgeous Glowing Skin At Your Fingertips

Move over contouring – strobing is here! This new, lighter sculpting method for goddess-like bone structure is the perfect alternative for summer months when caking our faces with thick, dark makeup is less than appealing...
red carpet

Margot Robbie Red Carpet Style – Happy 25th Birthday Margot!

Margot Robbie was brought to mega-stardom with her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus and this year she is set to rocket to new heights, being featured as comic super-villain Harley Quinn in the up-coming film Suicide Squad...
summer skincare

Summer Skincare Tips

Follow our top summer skincare tips, at home and on holiday, to keep yourself looking and feeling great, whilst protecting your skin, during the warmer months ahead.